Celebrating diversity: KLigg joins We Love Art’s Recognize Campaign

Celebrating diversity: KLigg joins We Love Art’s Recognize Campaign


We Love Art collaborates with Kadeja Liggas to celebrate and highlight the beauty of Black art. 


The Artist

Kadeja, founder and illustrator of KLigg.Co

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Kadeja is the 26-year-old illustrator and creator behind KLigg Co.

From a young age, Kadeja was surrounded by the beauty of Black art. Despite its countless styles, they all have one thing in common, ebony brown skin. Representation is crucial, and Kadeja found meaning in these masterpieces: she mattered, her skin will forever and always be a work of art. 

The Black art she grew up seeing on the walls of her aunt’s house manifested in her pieces. She says, “I create images that represent Black women like me: equal parts power, wonder, and grace. I create images to inspire Black girls to design and blend colors that represent & resonate with them.”

The Art

After Covid-19 disrupted everyday life, Kadeja turned to art. She started with sketchbooks and any medium she could find. However, she felt limited by the colors available to her, especially with regard to diversity in skin tones. Once she shifted to digital art, the possibilities were endless. 'Horizon' by KLigg is a colorful masterpiece featuring two Black women.One of her many pieces celebrating the beauty of Black women is Horizon. “HORIZON” is a celebration of all things summer, the mood, the colors, the vibrations. It’s the moment where the Sun seems to kiss the Earth in the evening, after shedding light & love throughout the day.”

The Movement

As a Black woman living in America, The Black Lives Matter Movement is ingrained into Kadeja’s very being. In all that she does, she aims to affirm and acknowledge the beauty within her people. 

When Kadeja joined We Love Art’s Recognize campaign, aimed to celebrate diverse artists and art, she expressed that the world-wide support in this moment is “truly breathtaking and revolutionary”. 

“Connecting with a community over 7,000 miles away is mind-blowing!” In line with this campaign, We Love Art financially supports The Movement for Black Lives

Representation Matters

Kadeja hopes that this collaboration “inspires us all to recognize the power of connection, as we continue to push towards a world that recognizes the beauty in ALL people”.


You can visit KLigg Co. to order some of her original work and prints, or even order custom gifts! To follow Kadeja’s creative journey, she can be found @kligg.co.

Click here to get ‘HORIZON’ by Kadeja!


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