Art made easy: We Love Art launches their We Love Artboxes

Art made easy: We Love Art launches their We Love Artboxes

At the start, We Love Art provided art courses, painting evenings, and private corporate events, but soon We Love Art began to ship their Paint and Grape experience in their elite Art boxes.

We Love Art began 7 years prior when CEO and founder Denise Schmitz landed in Dubai. Home of the tallest building in the world, it was quite different than Denise’s home country, Holland. However, leaving her family and friends behind left her uninspired. So Denise turned to her love of art and began an 8-week art course that introduced her to the art community. From then on, “We Love Art“ was born. From “Paint and Grape”, evenings filled with jazzy French music dedicated to the most famous painters of art history to private corporate events, We Love Art gave an opportunity for fellow creatives to become master in just a day. Novices, seasoned artists, and even employees from Sephora, Bacardi, and Chanel, created iconic pieces to be enjoyed forever on their wall.

Mid 2019, We Love Art got their first request from overseas wanting the “We Love Art experience”.

Art should not be limited to a time and place and We Love Art recognized the importance of self-care, the need for a creative outlet, a true experience to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. And so, the We Love ArtBox was introduced.

The We Love ArtBox is so much more than a painting box. It’s a box that makes you feel like an artist, an ultimate gift, a calming activity for yourself or others. The We Love Art experience begins at the luxurious packaging to the personalized items in the box. With a choice of over 50 world-renowned masterpieces and a hand-sketched canvas, painting has never been easier.

The We Love ArtBox reveals the specially curated colors, a set of brushes, and an artist guide for step by step instructions. For a more premium experience, We Love Art provides a full-length video tutorial of the artwork of your choice. As Denise says “with the We Love Art Box, create a Masterpiece you will enjoy painting and an end result you will be truly proud of.”

The journey from art classes to art boxes has been an exhilarating one. With such a phenomenal response, We Love Art achieved its yearly sales goal in just a few months of the Art Boxes’ launch and began shipping internationally.  Delighted, Denise says, “We Love Art is now spreading this artistic love to everyone in the world. Whether you will be painting alone or with others, our We Love Art Box has everything you need to make you feel like an artist and create a painting you will be very proud of.” Find joy and solace, put on your beret, and paint your next masterpiece with the fully equipped We Love Art Box.

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