NFT Investing

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a non fungible token meaning each NFT is unique, one-of -a-kind digital item .They're stored on public facing digital ledgers called blockchains ,which means its possible to prove who owns a given NFT at any moment in time and trace the history of prior ownership, because NFT ownership is easy to certify and transfer, we can trade them as they have value.

NFTs themselves have standalone value you might buy an art NFT simply because you like it and because NFTs just need to establish value among a community of potential owners (Which is relatively large in the art world) where as crypto currencies need wide acceptance in order to become useful as a store of value and/or medium of exchange.



NFT represent real-world assets like artwork due to their uniqueness they have single ownership at a time what make every trade investment or transaction highly secure and transparent

Value & Market?

NFT are digital assets and are useful to exchange by using cryptos $37 billion is generated by NFT market place in 2022 as of May and more reports predicts the NFT market is moving than $80 billion in the coming years.

What next once you won it?

You can trade it on We Love Art or on Open sea and gain creator fee for every future sale

The future of NFT?

Web3 is the new age internet is build on the same technology as NFTs and crypto currencies -blockchain both technologies are offering new ways for artist to connect with buyers and new ways of thinking about the exchange of value in the art space.