How much Does Service Fees?
  • We Love Art Meta model is simple - we take 2.5%of every transaction involving an NFT a user chooses to list using We Love Art Meta.
  • That's it. Users and partners can create NFTs for free at any time.
  • Creators Fees
    • Creators can set a collection-level fee of up to 10%.This means creators can earn revenue every time their NFT is sold using We Love Art Meta.
    • The creator can modify this fee percentage at any time.


  •  Artwork
    • First and foremost, the artwork must be interesting. Think of ways you can add detail and thoughtfulness to your artwork. The more unique, the more collectors will likely be interested.
    • Additionally, other value can be created from showcasing your artist - NFT fans love to help emerging artists and love to contribute to their success.


  •  Unlockable Content
    • Unlockable content is key. We recommend including digital experiences that can persist between ownership.
    • Thinking about your secondary market is important. Other ideas can include physical items (tickets, signed memorabilia, etc) but this usually cannot carry to other future owners.


  •  General Tips & Tricks
    • In order to gain popularity, we recommend:
    • Starting with a small number of items and pricing fairly.
    • If you’re running auctions, start them at 0 Matic and set a reserve price if necessary.
    • Add all your social media links, a detailed description, and a banner.
    • Marketing your project on social and try to generate some early engagement.
    • NFTs should create utility for owners.
    • NFTs should be media that create a sense of “patronage” over their work/legacy for the buyer.
How can I partner with We Love Art Meta?
  • A guide on partnering with We Love Art Meta
    • We Love Art Meta is primarily a self-serve marketplace. We partner with all kinds of creators but like them to take the lead in creating their art and uploading it on We Love Art Meta.
    • We do currently ask you to have the following ready to go before we can consider a partnership:
    • Your artwork and items are ready to go. Our conversations will be most productive when we can review your work together.
    • Concrete ideas for what your NFTs will unlock for the buyer. These can be digital experiences, physical experiences or items, etc.
    • Commitments to promote the drop in well-trafficked marketing channels of your own.
    • Once you're ready, feel free to fill out our partnerships form here.