Decorate your home with incredible works of curated art that double up as valuable NFTs and help to support independent artists all over the world. Don’t need fine Art for your wall? Then keep it purely digital by discovering, investing & selling curated replica & original NFTs that may be traded at any time or may be bought with a limited edition print.


Unlike purely NFT markets , the experienced We Love Art Team curate our Fine Art & NFTs whilst giving you the art and artist behind it on the blockchain. Perhaps just like you, we are sceptical over uncurated digital art after its initial boom. Thus we created this Physical NFT market upon the request of many of the existing We Love Art community who prefer both a physical and digital basis to the value of NFTs. If you can feel the original, see it in this world and online, we believe the digital asset and physical asset have true value.


Join Tens of Thousands of independent, experienced & debutant artists and collectors who have trusted We Love Art since 2013 to create, buy and sell art. We have a passion for making physical and Web3 art accessible to everyone & for supporting Artists, so we have made it as easy as possible for everyone to quickly & easily step into Web3.

Value in Real & Web3 Worlds

Your wall art is also an NFT, your NFT is also wall art, so each asset has value in both the real and digital worlds. This is very important as Digital Assets will undoubtedly take over the world (check what the kids buy on their online games!) . Or get an NFT along with a limited edition Print Out to remind you of your digital asset. Want only the NFT? Then hold it, trade it or put it on Metaverse.

Authentic Art: Forever

Proof of Art Creation & Ownership is now certain. NFTs,  are a unique digital item for which ownership of our Physical & Digital art is prove-able at any moment due to its registration on the blockchain. No longer will arts true creator be ever in doubt.

Artist Support & Investment

The Artist will receive a small but fair % of royalties from all digital & physical resells of the art on our platform. The artist is incentivized to keep pushing the value of their art as they finally benefit as its value blooms. 

Get Involved In Art

Dont fancy paying for the original Physical piece? Become a part of the its forever value regardless with a limited edition NFT that can be traded as its value increases but never replicated again. Our Art also comes with VLOGs (on the blockchain) from the art creator to bring you even closer to their creativity

Bridging Physical & Digital Art

As the Middle East’s leading art brand, we understand our customers’ concerns about NFTs. While the value of NFTs in the future is clear as the world becomes more digital, we must not forget the 10,000 years of physical art up to this point. The traditional art market has performed three times better than traditional investment markets since 1986.

That is why we are bridging physical art and NFTs by curating quality art in both the physical and digital NFT spaces, allowing you to expand your collection from your living room to the metaverse.

NFT Usability In The Metaverse

Over time, digital art will not simply remain art but expand beyond its current stage towards a usable, interactive element in the metaverse.


Currently, NFTs already play a part in virtual real estate. In addition to serving as the legal agreement of ownership, NFTs constitute the land and buildings of the metaverse. Metaverse gaming also includes many use cases for NFT holders. In the future, users might gain exclusive access to metaverse galleries and more through We Love Art Meta. Giving art an extra dimension.

The We Love Art Meta Marketplace is built for collectors, galleries, artists, and anybody who wants access to fine art that has value in both the physical world and Web3. Collectors can purchase fine art directly from the artist or art dealer, with verifiable provenance merged into the NFT. What’s more? Each NFT has a limited edition print or, more exclusively, a real painting by which it is backed, and before being uploaded to the marketplace, each artist’s NFT gets curated by the We Love Art Meta team.

Current NFT marketplaces and solutions are too complex, non-curated, abstract, and, thus, intangible for everyday users. We Love Art Meta offers an extensive guide to enable everyone to easily walk through the different stages from wallet to purchase to becoming a full-blown collector. All art on our marketplace is curated to ensure high-quality physical and digital art.