We Love Art & We Love Yours

We are committed to supporting art in a meaningful way, and our curators believe your artworks have a strong potential for sale across the Middle East leveraging the We Love Art brand and Fine Art market with blockchain technology.

We will market your art for free giving insights into your practice via photos, videos and news

Once listed, we automatically mint for free NFT & enable additional Limited Edition Prints to be sold

You will receive 100% of sale price for Painting & NFTs, 5% of future sales of the Physical Art* and 2.5% of future sales of each NFT

The Revenues Your Art Deserves

We enable your art to reach both traditional and Web3 markets, gain more revenue through digitization of your art & give you future royalties for resells.

We Love Art Meta’s fine art marketplace is a blockchain platform that centralizes curated pieces from verified artists from across the globe, creating a trusted and easy-to-use channel between art sellers & buyers.

By bridging traditional global art markets with emerging Web 3.0 technology markets, the We Love Art Meta Marketplace offers uninhibited access & scalability while breaking down barriers to collecting fine art & NFTs faced by traditional marketplaces.


Upsell With Digitised Physical Art

You can for the first time ever sell your art to both the traditional Art Market & Metaverse market. 

Our platform easily tokenizes & digitizes your physical painting into a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). You upsell further by creating a number of limited edition NFT replicas of your art which are tradable.

Selling a pure NFT? We enable we also can sell limited edition print out canvasses of your work so your customers enjoy both in the real and digital worlds. 


% of Future Revenue

For the first time ever, physical art originators and/or brokers  receive future revenue from every piece of art sold or resold on our marketplace. 


This is enabled as proof of origination is irrefutably written on the blockchain and future sales automatically enact a smart contract that credits the originators crypto wallet with currency.

Reach New Markets 

By selling both your physical art and digitized NFT replicas, you can now reach the $65 billion Art Market and fast growing $15 billion NFT Art Market. 


The demographics of both markets are very different and it will be today’s NFT buyers who will in a few years grow to be the largest physical & digital market. 


We market your art digitally and through our existing customer base.

Why Transfer or Mint "Pure NFTs" on our market?

The large NFT marketplaces are not curated and contain tens of thousands of sub-par NFTs that one should not be associated with . The buyer sees nothing of the background to the art or the artist in order understand if there is true value there. Additional, NFTs cannot also be sold as physical limited edition prints.

If you transfer or mint your NFTs on We Love Art Meta, we will first curate the art. If it meets the standard we know our community expects, you will be invited to list on the market. If not, then stick to other NFT markets at your leisure. 

We market your art, we enable you to upsell your NFTs with a.limited edition physical print alongside the NFT and most of all, by actually listing on our platform you differentiate yourself from the large sea of NFTs out there.

Share Your Artistic Journey

We encourage you to also digitize a short 1 minute or so summary video of you either creating, discussing or showing your art piece.  You can digitize this onto the blockchain through drag and drop as you list your product.


Why do this? Imagine the owner of Sunflowers had a forever video (written onto the blockchain) of Van Gogh painting or discussing his inspiration. 


People strive to see the artist and/or creation process behind a piece of art. By doing so, and proving undoubtedly the provenance of the piece on the blockchain, the market will see more value in your piece and its NFT replicas. 


Signing up is as easy as registering with a Google or Facebook account, and costs absolutely nothing. With a few clicks you’re instantly given access to curated fine art and Web 3.0, and the ability to upload your own for curation.


We Love Art is the Middle Easts most trusted and #1 Art brand since 2013. Just google us! Tens of Thousands of people have met us, created art with us and trusted us to take them on an art journey. We partner with the best blockchain developers on the planet to create a fully safe platform for the seller, buyer and all monetary assets. Because We, Love, Art.

Key Terms

Our royalty structure is very simple as follows:

You are a Physical art seller digitizing your work on the blockchain: 

– For the initial sale, the Art Seller gets 90% of revenues & We Love Art get 10%. The price listed must include the cost of delivery. 

– For future revenues of physical art and NFT replicas, the Art Seller gets 10% of all future revenues (once the transaction is listed on the blockchain, with We Love Art getting 5%. Note that the Art Seller revenue can be split into 5% for Artist, 5% for Dealer or 10% for either one (depending on the situation).

If you are a digital artist selling your NFT:

– Original artist gets 5% of future royalties, with We Love Art receiving Royalty of 2.5%.

Trading free of 2.5% applies to all transactions

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