Discover, Buy & Sell Fine Art NFTs With The Option of Authenticated Original Paintings Or Limited Edition Prints. All NFTs Are Purchasable With Dollars Or Crypto.

Beta Product For Sale: "Cover Girl" Painting & NFT By Denise Schmitz


Secure Market For NFTs and Physical Curated Art

With just a few clicks you can research, trade, and buy NFTs backed by curated physical art from verified artists.
Explore and purchase physical & digital art
All purchases deliver an NFT to your Wallet...
...& a short Vlog from the artist on the blockchain
With option of Original Painting or Limited Print

Sell Physical & NFT Art


Have one foot in physical art and one in the Metaverse worlds by easily authenticating your collections on the blockchain with our tech & reach new markets by selling the original paintings and NFTs created from them

Physical Artists

We enable your art to be sold in the physical world and Web 3.0. Simply convert your Art and a brief VLOG of creating it/your inspiration to an NFT with our drag and drop functionality & reach all art audiences

Digital Artists

We shine a light on your work as our curated NFT marketplace is solely focused on Art with the added upside that we demystify NFTs by giving the option to the buyer to also receive a limited edition print of your piece. 

Create and Sell Your Art

We Love Art Meta offers an easy way to create and sell NFTs for both digital and physical artists
Set up your wallet & Market

Connect your blockchain wallet to the We Love Art Meta Platform. Add your artwork, build your collection, and personalize your artist portfolio. Enhance your future NFTs with special features.

For Digital Artists

We will mint your digital artwork if you drop it in the "Minting" box along with its enhancement features. Additionally, it's possible to move existing NFTs to the WLA Meta Marketplace.

For Physical Artists

Turn your art into NFTs by digitalizing your painting, adding your social NFT enhancements, and uploading it to the "Mint" box. Your artwork is now permanently verified on the blockchain.

WLA Curation

All We Love Art Meta artists' work is carefully curated before publishing to the platform, we do this to ensure authenticity, originality, security, and true value for our users and artists.

List NFT's

Our platform offers the option to sell your physical artwork alongside a unique NFT and to create several additional NFTs. We will handle physical deliveries of tangible art from your door to the buyers.


Limited Testing

Back end and on-chain architecture to allow physical and NFT art purchases completed. We Love Art NFT Sample Product covering Physical Painting, NFT and VLOG for sale as FIAT. Infura IPFS Gateway & Polygon enabled. Initial Artist outreach.

July 2022

Marketplace Live Testing

Easy to use wallet creation, NFT minting, purchasing, trading, buying and selling. Script that provides messages that the users has to simply confirm with their wallet, that will auto-configure the polygon specific parameters. Auto airdrop $MATIC ($1 value) to wallets, which will allow them to pay for transaction fees. This $MATIC will come from the wallet that is automatically replenished by transaction fees. Curated & Targeted Artist onboarding

Q3 2022

Full Marketplace Live

Ramp up of content, collaborations and marketing. Continuous rollout of new NFT utilities. Continuous audit and optimisation.

Q4 2022


Creation of We Love Art Metaverse with NFT marketplace integration. In-metaverse gallery events and market live. Continuous rollout of new in-metaverse features and NFT utilities Avators can trade NFTs, buy art, sell art and communicate with community Selection of platform

H1 2022

Safe and Secure

We Love Art Meta NFTs are built using ERC-7121, a well-known code standard, and minted on the Polygon Blockchain. Through the We Love Art Meta Platform, users can authenticate and list works of art as NFTs on the blockchain, allowing peer-to-peer NFT trading and art collecting. The We Love Art Meta Team and its art experts ensure only the finest artist are available for you, securing real value both on- and off-chain.


Purchase with Crypto

Purchase with Dollars

Built on Polygon

Opensea Compatible