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why to invest in nfts

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a non-fungible token meaning each NFT is a unique, one of a kind digital item where its ownership is possible to prove at any moment in time on the blockchain. 

Instead of proof of ownership being in one place (like in a government filing cabinet), instead it is mathematically encrypted on thousands of decentralized servers around the world. 

NFT Market Growth

The first  historical problem Art has always had is: Did Da Vinci  really paint this painting? 


That problem disappears with We Love Art Meta as we can easily authenticate physical art and proof of creation through a video VLOG on the blockchain.



The second historical problem Art has always had is: Is this really art and of value?



NFTs themselves have standalone value either because you like it (similar to normal art!) and the fact that already we see digital images more than physical ones through our phones and laptops. Art has physical value, so its inevitable it will have digital value also. 


The plot on the right shows the Art NFT market in million USD.

Bridging Physical & Digital NFT Art

As the #1  art brand in the Middle East, we understand our customer and know how confusing NFTs can be.


Whilst the value in the future of NFTs is clear as the world moves more and more digital, we cannot forget the 10,000 years of physical art up to this point.


That is why we are bridging physical art with NFTs, by using our trusted brand to curate quality art in both the physical and digital NFT spaces so you can style your wall whilst gaining digital assets at the same time.


The plot on the right shows the value of the traditional physical art market. 


Whats Next, the Metaverse?

The metaverse is the next step of the internet. At the moment we look at screens to sequentially go through websites. The Metaverse is any digital environment where people can interact socially with each other and digital space, clothes and art are actual assets.

For example, on computer games, kids are already spending hundreds of millions of dollars per year trading guns on fortnite or different clothes. Just as a .com address has value now, a physical space or image on the metaverse will have value. It is already happening. And just as value is given to the metaverse, which is projected to be worth a trillion dollars by 2025, Art and images will naturally be a critical asset within the metaverse. Your shiny Metaverse space will need art on the walls to make it look nice right?

NFTs bought on We Love Art Meta marketplace will find their way onto the metaverse as true art. So perhaps now is the golden time where Digital Da Vinci’s are being born left right and centre and we just do not know it yet.