3 Months of Art | Make 2021 Full of Colour & Creativity


3 Months of Art | Make 2021 Full of Colour & Creativity


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The last year has not been easy, so why not give yourself an experience to look forward to every month? Once a month, you will feel the pleasure in opening the black ribbons of your luxury Artbox, relax as you turn off your phone and set up your space, smile as you pour your favourite drink and switch off as you create and paint.

So join us on our Year of Art, where every month you or your giftee will receive a new premium We Love Artbox painting experience and at the end of the 6-months you will have a wall full of art created and inspired by you.

You have the choice to select 3 Artboxes from our Artbox collection or to let us take you on a suprise artistic journey where we choose the artboxes for you.

In the three months of creative art experiences, you will receive:

  • A luxury Artbox every month (i.e. 3 Artboxes) with all painting materials + guidance included
  • Access to special promotions and priority on event access (if applicable)

Price includes shipping.

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Year of Art | How it Works

Join the thousands of people in the We Love Art community of all skill levels who have created something special with our pre-sketched canvasses, inspiring guidance and art materials. You will be shocked at how well you can paint when we gently give you the confidence . So you are welcome to our community to experience the We Love Artbox with guidance, feel like an artist and create something you will be proud of! Share what you have made on our instagram page.

Inspiring Guidance

Creativity is within all of us and we pride ourselves on carefully nurturing your creativity with our step-by-step guidance and on-demand streamed classes. Our pre-sketched canvases give you enough confidence to get going whereafter you can follow the steps or put your own twist on things. Either way, you will have an experience and piece to be proud of.

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Dimensions 56 × 43 × 8 cm

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