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Cliffs And Sailboats At Pourville by Claude Monet

Cliffs And Sailboats At Pourville by Claude Monet


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Claude Monet (1840–1926) was a French painter, whose work led to the late 19th-century Impressionist art movement. Cliffs and Sailboats at Pourville was created in 1882, coastal landscapes and boats featured in paintings throughout his career.

Initially, the eye is drawn into the central cluster of boats, with their brilliant white sails gleaming in the sunlight. On viewing the surface of the water more closely, silhouettes of more sailboats and even a small rowing boat begin to emerge. The artist’s work focused on accurate depiction of light and delivering a sense of movement.

This hand-crafted We Love Artbox is for all skill levels and contains everything you need to create a masterpiece:

  • A 40x50cm canvas with a hand drawn outline of this famous masterpiece;
  • Seven 75ml paint tubes of the colours you need, so you have the freedom to paint with as much texture as you would like;
  • Three We Love Art branded paint brushes with nylon heads in all the sizes and shapes you need to paint this masterpiece; Having had tens of thousands of people experience We Love Art, we understand the ideal brush for you
  • A step by step instruction guide honed to summarise what you need to know to create this masterpiece;
  • Premium We Love Artbox (if available yet for this masterpiece!) gives exclusive access to full-length video tutorial of your chosen masterpiece with tips and tricks.

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