A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey


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The three paintings included in this bundle present us with a diverse range of artworks, ranging from Post Impressionism, Pop Art, and Art Nouveau. What they all have in common is a glorious harmony of colours and also bold, colourful, and innovative art.
Enjoy this beautiful triple canvas box featuring Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, Hockney’s A Bigger Splash, and Klimt’s Lady with a Fan.

This hand-crafted We Love Artbox is for all skill levels and contains a curated set of masterpieces:

  • Three 40x50cm canvasses with hand-drawn outlines of the famous masterpieces.
  • Three step-by-step instruction booklets honed to summarise what you need to know to create these masterpieces.

*Paint and brushes not included. 

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Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh painted in 1888
By using just three tints of yellow ‘and nothing else’, Van Gogh achieved a glorious harmony of colours. Yellow, for him, was an emblem of happiness – in Dutch literature, the sunflower was a symbol of devotion and loyalty. In their various stages of decay, these flowers also remind us of the cycle of life and death.

A Bigger Splash by David Hockney painted in 1967
A Bigger Splash is perhaps David Hockney’s best-known artwork
It depicts a swimming pool beside a modern house, disturbed by a large splash of water created by an unseen figure who has apparently just jumped in from a diving board.
He used acrylic paint on white cotton duck canvas to paint A Bigger Splash, he was one of the first artists to make extensive use of acrylic.

Lady with a Fan by Gustav Klimt painted in 1918
Born in 1862 in Austria, Gustav Klimt is an example of an Art Nouveau artist.
This painting is quite beautiful with a golden background full of pretty flowers and a turquoise bird.
The lady is also gorgeous and styled in a Japanese dress, much like a kimono, while holding a Japanese fan.




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