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The Staycation Artbox

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This Summer, we bring to you masterpieces from Monet and Leonid Afremov to your house. Claude Monet’s ‘Cliff and Sailboats at Pourville’ and Leonid Afremov’s ‘Balloon Festival’ allow you to feel as if you were in the great outdoors experiencing these scenic beauties.

This hand-crafted We Love Artbox is for all skill levels and contains everything you need to create a masterpiece:

  • Two 40x50cm canvases with hand-drawn outlines of the above famous masterpieces;
  • Seven 75ml paint tubes of the colours you need, so you have the freedom to paint with as much texture as you would like;
  • Two sets of Three We Love Art branded paint brushes with nylon heads in all the sizes and shapes you need to paint this masterpiece; Having had tens of thousands of people experience We Love Art, we understand the ideal brush for you
  • A step by step instruction guide for each of the masterpieces honed to summarise what you need to know to create this masterpiece.

Monet, French painter born on 14 November 1840 and founder of the impressionist era, had a passion for documenting the French countryside and capturing the same scene multiple times as the day passes and seasons change.

Leonid Afremov was a painter of Belarusian origin born on July 12, 1955. He was a modern impressionistic artist who usually worked with palette knives and oils. He is widely known for his unusual painting manner, Impasto technique.

In this box, you’ll get to fly above the mountains, rivers, lakes, and enjoy the beauty of the earth from the balloons painted by Leonid Afremov. This painting symbolises the victory of man over gravity while enjoying the beauty the earth has to provide.

You will also enjoy the coastal landscape featured in Monet’s painting from his early career being at the Boatyard near Honfleur in 1864. Paintings produced around Pourville appear to have had a special significance to the artist.


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