25/08/21 – Your Weekly Dose Of Art Happiness

25/08/21 – Your Weekly Dose Of Art Happiness


Your weekly dose of some good and interesting news from around

our World of Art, because We Love Art.


Explore the Sistine Chapel From Home on a Virtual Tour With the Vatican Museums

As much as we’d all love to flip a switch, get rid of COVID, and return to traveling like normal, it doesn’t seem like that will happen anytime soon. The good news is that museums and attractions around the world are providing virtual tours, allowing you to experience them from the comfort of your couch.

Under normal circumstances, millions of travelers visit the Vatican Museums every year. Its many halls are almost always crowded, making it difficult at times to truly admire the intensely detailed frescoes, especially in the Sistine Chapel. With no visitors around, the Vatican Museums created a variety of impressive virtual tours showcasing several areas around the grounds. Now, you can sit at home and contemplate these historic beauties with easy-to-navigate virtual tours that are also completely free of charge.


What’s Next? 18 Trends That Will Move the Art World Forward

When the editors of ARTnews first endeavored on the project of foreseeing the Next Big Things to prove significant around the art world, the future had a different cast to it than would soon be the case when the coronavirus crisis struck.

But the future is always in flux—and thus always suited for the exercise of conjecture and imagination. In consultation with art world professionals—artists, dealers, curators, museum administrators— dynamics and ideas on the horizon, some with trajectories tracing into the past, others more sudden in origination, have been identified. What follows is a survey of that horizon as presented in the Summer 2020 issue of ARTnews.


 We Love Art  x  Caesars Palace Dubai

As a symbol of culture and prosperity, the immersive Caesars Palace hotel incorporates many experiential works of art across its contemporary interiors & exteriors.

We Love Art had the honor of creating this bespoke masterpiece in their lavish resort- one of our most special murals ever created. Keep an eye out on our Instagram community where we will share some more exciting stuff about this collaboration.

 ArtLovers Quote Of The Week


”Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.”- Salvador Dali


We Love Art Painting of The Week

The Persistence of Memory is perhaps the most famous Dali painting, with its iconic “melting clocks” becoming the icon of Surrealism and one of the most recognizable pieces of art of the 20th century.

The painting looks more like something a person might see in a dream, rather than awake. Dali’s painting combines three art genres: the still life, the landscape and the self-portrait.



Our Next Paint & Grape

We hope you ArtLovers are enjoying the holidays! Are you all excited for our next Paint & Grape?

Our next Paint and Grape will be a lovely evening session. We will be painting the phenomenal Frida Kahlo by Denise Schmitz!

Looking forward to see you all!


Kidz Love Art Course

Yet another very successful Art Course.  We are so proud of all the children for completing the Kidz Love Art Course; they have truly shown the creative spark in them.

Our Next Kidz Love Art Course will commence after the holidays, and we can’t wait to have another amazing group of children explore their creative side!


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