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An exclusive Artbox with all the materials you need to create a masterpiece.

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Meet other like-minded artists and experience our unique social event.

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A bespoke journey into the creative that promotes a happy and expressive team.

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8-week courses designed to foster creativity with a final exhibition.

How It All Started


We Love Art becomes an idea, while Denise teaches friends to paint in Amsterdam


Denise moves to Dubai – We Love Art Painting Courses are born


Paint & Grape Evenings begin, and become Dubai’s premium artistic event


We Love Art hosts its first Corporate event for Chanel


10,000th happy client. We Love Art now delivers Painting Courses, Corporate Events and Paint & Grape Nights across Dubai.


2020 The We Love Art experience goes global with the We Love Artbox


2023: We Love Art Wins The MEA Business Award For Best Art & Painting Event


We Love Art company was founded in 2013 – when I first moved to Dubai – and has come a long way since.


Leaving everything behind in The Netherlands, I felt a hint of insecurity but also a chance to start a new chapter in my life. I had grown up in a family of artists and entrepreneurs, so with a masters in law and a passion for art, I took a leap of faith and went for the thing I loved most in life; painting.


Nervously excited, I began my journey by teaching 8-week painting courses. Thanks to the increasingly positive feedback, I decided to launch Paint & Grape Evenings, an evening dedicated to art history’s most famous painters. With no previous experience required, my fellow creatives had the opportunity to become real masters and create their masterpiece in just one day.


In 2020, the We Love Art experience went a step further with our exclusive new We Love Art boxes. An authentic, guided experience; our hand-crafted Artbox is provided with a step-by-step painting guide along with a premium video tutorial for you to create a unique masterpiece. Created with the greatest attention to detail and filled with love, I, Denise,founder and CEO of We Love Art, am proud to share this experience with you, my family, and my baby boy Beauden up in the sky.


My most memorable moment is tied together with my biggest loss.

In 2017 we lost our son Beauden; a day after he was born. Even though it is the most difficult experience imaginable for parents, his short life has taught, and is still teaching me every day about the most important values. To be mindful, to appreciate the little things we often take for granted, and to make most of your life while you can.

Sharing his story, has brought me even closer to my community of ArtLovers. On his birthday, the 1st of April, I always dedicate a painting to him and give a speech about his forever existence. It often brings me to tears and the response of the community is beyond amazing.

From group applause to hugs, messages, and flowers, I am thankful for my community support and do believe that my experience will encourage others to open up about their hardest times.

We are not alone. We are a Family. And Art is the uniting factor.


We Make Art Fun


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