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Whether you are looking to thank loyal clients, reward employees or develop innovation and wellness, our Creative Wellness Development Experience delivers In-Person or Virtually with a 3hr immersive program to gift lasting memories for your team to hang on their walls.


Discover the creativity in your team or offer clients an exciting way to network. Our private in-person events are the perfect outlet for creatives of all skill level – be it the first time they’ve picked up a brush or just another day of illustrating a canvas.


We offer you a variety of options for your events in Dubai, including:


• Paint & Grape Style Masterpiece
• Mural Creations
• Free Painting
• Team Masterpiece


This development module and gift may be enjoyed individually by your team in their own schedule or as part of a scheduled integrated zoom call with coaching by We Love Art (if there are sufficient box orders). The key aspects of our Virtual event are:



  • Premium We Love Artbox delivered to homes of all your team
  • 3 hr immersive virtual zoom event with step-by-step guidance for the painting
  • Wellness coaching
  • Deep dive into the team creative and wellness growth
  • Certificate of completion for all completed masterpieces


Creating art fosters co-operative, focused behaviour, attention to detail, problem-solving skills and provides a higherqualityofhumanexperiencethroughoutaperson’s lifetime (reference: “Arts with the brain in mind”, Jensen, 2001).


Moreover, research has shown that there is a positive relation between the arts and mental wellness. Koopman (2005) mentions that the arts are of fundamental value because of the “complete involvement from moment to moment when creating an art work.These fulfilling experiences are a necessary condition for leading a joyful and happy life.”


All of our corporate events are entirely bespoke, from what you aim to create to where you wish to hold the event; we can provide you with one of our stunning and inspiring venues or we can set up in a place of your choosing. Our events are inclusive of all the required equipment and guided instruction for all of your attendees.


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