Do We Have To Choose Between Love and Art? Gift Art Over Flowers This Valentines Day

Do We Have To Choose Between Love and Art? Gift Art Over Flowers This Valentines Day

Love and Art always went together – be it in paintings, literature or the artistic couples in real life. Today, let’s reminisce about all things love and its meaning for human beings; the only specie proficient for making it so complicated.

Van Gogh once said ‘There is nothing truly more artistic than to love people.’’ Conceivably, that’s why majority of the artworks, in one way or another, have always been about love.  Would Dali’s art be same, if he had not met Gala? Seldom, love is stronger than art, but sometimes, what prevails is art, just like when Paul Gaguin left his family to paint in Tahiti.

Valentine’s day is the perfect opportunity to treat your special one to a thoughtful gift that lingers for a lifetime. While most opt for chocolates or flowers to express their love, there are several compelling reasons to forgo the flowers and give the gift of art instead!



Art Never Wilts

Needless to say, flowers can always brighten up a room; however it only takes a couple of days for those luscious red roses to turn into a greenish gray. This is where a painting will illuminate your home for years to come! When Klimt painted ‘The Kiss’, through two figures draped in densely pattered cloths, he was extremely successful in portraying and evoking the passionate act of love within a conventional creation – which millions of people connect with today!


 Artwork is Personal

While flowers are a marvelous gesture to say the three blissful words, choosing a work of art will speak to your significant other’s soul on a different level. Gifting your partner an expressive work of art is an unmatched way of telling them how you feel. Frida Kahlo was deeply in love with Diego Rivera, and chose the path of art by painting ‘Tehuana’ also known as ‘Diego in my thoughts’ to truly express that Diego is on her mind, tattooed on her forehead, and she cannot free herself from her thoughts about him.             


Art is a gift you and your loved one both can enjoy

It’s no surprise that art brings special people together. It is so fun and easy to bond over the types of art and different artists you both love. An artwork which you both have spent time on and created together can be a powerful symbol of the love you share. This Valentine’s day, gift your loved one with an art gift that they will always remember you for when they see it hung up on the wall!



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