We Love Artbox

An exclusive Artbox with all the materials you need to create a masterpiece.

Paint & Grape

Meet other like-minded artists and experience our unique social event.


A bespoke journey into the creative that promotes a happy and expressive team.

Painting Courses

8-week courses designed to foster creativity with a final exhibition.

Begin Your Guided Art Journey

With We Love Art, art is made easy, and creativity is a guided journey. You get a hand-sketched outline of your chosen masterpiece to give you the confidence to start and quality guidance to enable you to experience painting like an artist.

Hepburn by Denise Schmitz

A film and fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn was active during Hollywood’s Golden Age. She has also ranked third as the greatest acting female screen legend. This piece captures the world-renowned actress and humanitarian’s gamine innocence and innate sophistication as she poses with a slim cigarette holder.

M-Maybe by Roy Lichtenstein

M-Maybe is a 1965 pop art painting which depicts an attractive girl, typical of Lichtenstein’s romance comics adaptations.


Each painting takes about three-hours to complete (with all equipment provided either at our events or with our premium artbox) along with professional guidance.


Set up your We Love Art hand-sketched canvas and space, pour yourself your favourite drink, turn up the Parisan chic music and relax & unwind the evening away.

Le Rêve by Pablo Picasso

Le Rêve, “The Dream”,  is a 1932 oil painting by Pablo Picasso. Le Rêve shows the 50-year-old Picasso’s 22-year-old mistress, Marie-Thérèse Walter, in erotic reverie.

Become an artist for a night while you Paint, Create, Sip and Connect!

Recreate some of the world’s most renowned pieces in one night. Surrounded with tons of creative energy, each brushstroke will make your smile grow as your masterpiece unfolds in front of you.

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