24/02/21 – Your Weekly Dose Of Art Happiness

24/02/21 – Your Weekly Dose Of Art Happiness

Your weekly dose of some good and interesting news from around

our World of Art, because We Love Art.

Virtual Tour of MASP, São Paulo, Brazil

The Museu de Arte de São Paulo has one of the broadest historical collections available to view via its virtual gallery platform, spanning from the 14th to 20th centuries. Paintings appear suspended in the air around the open-plan space, on glass panels or “crystal easels” as the museum calls them.

There’s also a temporary retrospective exhibition by Brazilian pop artist Teresinha Soares beside the building’s statement red staircase! The glass and red-beam structure, built in 1968, is worth a look from the outside too, via Google Street View.

The Story of Claude Monet’s Water-Lily Masterworks

 Claude Monet, the celebrated Impressionist, gave us the defining view of French leisure and remains a perpetually bankable subject of museum blockbusters.  “Les Nymphéas,” as his water lilies paintings were officially titled, are among art history’s greatest last acts. Compared with Monet’s earlier paintings, with their direct transcriptions of the countryside, the water lilies dispense with contours and boundaries and veer toward abstraction. They mark the advent of “all-over painting,” a phrase that was coined in New York in the 1950s, when Monet was abruptly rediscovered.


 Artist Of The Week by We Love Art 

The best part of WLA is watching our Artlovers unleash their inner artists and leave us speechless. So it is time to show off what our community is creating all around the world.

Andrew Lockyer

Our Artist of The Week is Andrew Lockyer! Andrew attended our Balloon Festival Paint & Grape event and that is the first time he painted ever since he was a child – his wife Kerry describes him as a ‘total novice’, until after the event, when Andrew found a completely new hobby! We absolutely love his painting and are glad that he is now on a journey to paint many more masterpieces! 


The Experience

Andrew has found his love for painting after attending our Paint & Grape events. He has also been gifted our Artboxes for Christmas and has indeed started painting some amazing masterpieces! He is currently painting Café Terrace by Vincent Van Gogh – we are so excited to see his finished masterpiece!


 ArtLovers Quote Of The Week

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” – Vincent Van Gogh


We Love Art Painting of The Week

The Singing Butler is an oil-on-canvas painting made by Scottish artist Jack Vettriano in 1992. It sold at auction in 2004 for £744,800, which was the record at the time for any Scottish painting, and for any painting ever sold in Scotland.
The Singing Butler is Britain’s best selling image and has found its way into the national consciousness. Vettriano’s oil painting shows a glamorous couple dancing on a beach, both flanked by servants shielding them with umbrellas which look very real, like the artist was watching this take place on a coastline somewhere. The lining in the photo is very soft and subtle lets the eyes of the viewers focus on the beautiful woman in red.


 Our Events


Our Last Paint & Grape

Our ArtLovers tell us that Paint & Grape sessions are the ‘highlight of their week’.

We absolutely love the stunning artwork created by our Artlovers for ‘Kiss in The Park’ by Leonid Afremov at Intercontinental Marina.  Watch the still for this event on our YouTube Channel below!


Paint & Grow by Kidz Love Art

After years of our community asking us for a We Love Art for kids, we have finally launched our sister brand Kidz Love Art. Our Last Paint & Grow event on the 18th of February was a huge success! The children painted some amazing masterpieces and we are absolutely proud of them! Explore our next Paint & Grow on the 12th of March and enrol your child for the most creative experience.


Want to get featured as the next Artist of The Week?

Simply send us a picture of your We Love Art masterpiece via Instagram / Facebook / Email, and a few words about your creative experience – and you’d be surprised!


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