Golden Tears Klimt/Zilbermann

Golden Tears Klimt/Zilbermann

Love and art have been intertwined throughout history, with artists often using their works to express their emotions and feelings towards the people they care about.

On Valentine’s Day, the connection between love and art takes on a new significance. Whether it’s through grand romantic gestures or simple acts of affection, the holiday provides an opportunity to show the ones we love how much they mean to us.Just as a work of art can evoke feelings of joy, sadness, or nostalgia, it can also be used to express love and affection. A painting, sculpture, or photograph can be a physical manifestation of the love we feel for someone, capturing a moment in time that we want to remember forever.

Freya is one of the most Influential and important Gods in Norse mythology – the Goddess of Fertility, Love and Beauty. She was married to the God Od (or Odur) who mysteriously disappeared. Freya longed for Odr, and wandered all day long in search of her beloved. From the despair of not finding him, she began to cry. As her tears fell on the ground in drops, they transformed into pure gold, and those that fell into the sea, turned into amber stones. People could see the rare gemstones and golden teardrops, and knew that she passed in such a way in search for her love, and she referred to these tears as Freya’s tears.

The legend of Freya and her Golden Tears has inspired people for many centuries. While this painting – Freya’s Tears – is often attributed to Gustav Klimt, it isn’t one of his, and Anne Marie Zilberman’s work leans toward facial close-ups. To highlight the story of Freya’s Golden Tears, Zilberman used real gold leaves for the painting. Despite all the sadness the goddess felt, her tears can also be seen as Tears of Joy. The joy of feeling real and strong love. Hence, it captures the duality of weeping – that tears can be both for joy and sorrow, and either are as valuable as gold. How beautiful, both the painting and the story!

The painting is a portrait of a woman who is weeping, and it is considered one of the most emotionally charged works in Klimt’s style. She was so inspired by him, that even the curls of the hair follow Klimt’s signature pattern.

There are several reasons why Klimt’s painting style was so special, and why Anne was so dedicated while creating it. Firstly, Klimt was known for his use of gold leaf in his paintings. Golden tears features a rich and opulent background made entirely of gold leaf, which gives the piece an almost ethereal quality. This use of gold leaf is a hallmark of Klimt’s work and sets “Golden Tears” apart from other paintings of the time.

Secondly, the subject of the painting, a weeping woman, is incredibly emotive. Klimt was known for his ability to capture the human form in a way that conveyed raw emotion, and “Golden Tears” is a prime example of this skill. The woman’s tear-streaked face and pained expression create a sense of empathy in the viewer, drawing them into the painting and evoking a strong emotional response.

Thirdly, the composition of the painting is interesting. The woman’s head is tilted downward, and her hair falls around her face in a way that creates a sense of movement and fluidity. This is contrasted with the stillness of the gold leaf background, which creates a sense of tension and drama.

Anne Marie Zilbermann’s “Golden Tears” is a masterpiece that is special for many reasons. Its use of gold leaf, emotive subject matter, masterful composition, and departure from Klimt’s typical style all make it a unique and important work of art. Whether you are an art enthusiast or simply appreciate beauty and emotion, Golden Tears is a painting that is sure to captivate and move you. And today, there are so many paint events in Dubai, such as Paint & Grape, where you have the golden opportunity to paint this stunning piece with 24 karat gold leaf paper, or if you fancy staying indoors and get creative with your loved ones, why not try canvas painting for beginners where you can create a gorgeous Klimt piece under some amazing step-by-step guidance? Whatever you choose, you are in for the most fun paint night!

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