Why It Is So Vital To Reward Our Employees At The End Of 2020

Why It Is So Vital To Reward Our Employees At The End Of 2020


We are soon reaching the most exciting part of the year- Holiday Time! As we wind up the year and officially wrap up work at the office, don’t you think this creates a spectacular opportunity to thank and reward our employees? Considering that 2020 may definitely not have been the best year for our employees, adding an element of a special gift for them can certainly do wonders to reciprocate these uncertain times.

According to a Mintel Survey, 81% of employees stated that they experienced a feeling of appreciation upon receiving gifts from their employer, as well as feeling recognized for doing a good job. Such gestures can positively impact an employee’s perspective of their employer, which can significantly boost morale and engender a thriving workplace. While financial and budget plans may also creep around the corner during the year end, investing in corporate gifts is something a company must reflect on, as the right gift can make an employee feel more connected to the company, fortifying job satisfaction and making them stay longer.


While you might be planning for a logoed gift such as coffee mugs or tote bags for recruiting events, new employee welcome packages and company meetings, it is best not to brand any gift for a more personal occasion such as birthdays, important business milestones, and holidays. Logoed gifts are less likely considered memorable than non-logoed gifts, and many employees admit they’d rather have a personal touch. It may be overwhelming to choose that ‘perfect’ employee gift, and it is imperative to keep in mind that most employees lookout for an extremely memorable gift. But the good news is, it is not so difficult to curate a thoughtful gift to make your team feel special.

It has been scientifically proven that Art fosters innovation and creativity in employees. For instance, the in the 2018 Harvard Business Review article by Bill Taylor, he determined that ‘’The best leaders see things others don’t. Art can help.‘’

We Love Art’s Artboxes offer a therapeutic experience whilst fostering creativity and a memory they will forever cherish. With a hand-sketched canvas, step-by-step booklet and ample painting materials, your employees with be under the right guidance to create their very own masterpiece. The experience is designed for all skill levels and provides the freedom to be truly creative. Your employees will experience a feeling of accomplishment after having completed their final artwork.

Replace the end of the year standard employee gift with an unforgettable experience and forever lasting memories, all packed into one hand-crafted box.

Reach out to We Love Art if you think this is a great opportunity to thank your employees!

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